Pub Deli Bites

Something to graze on as a starter or snack.  Why not combine a few to share or to indulge in yourself.

Our small size platters are suitable for one person as a light meal or two people as a sharing starter. Large sizes are ideal for two people to share as a light meal or as a group starter.

Mixed Tempura Veg (GF) (VG)

Soy & ginger and sweet chilli dip


Calamari Rings (GF)

Garlic lemon mayo


Buffalo Cauliflower (GF) (VG)

Ranch dip


Trio of Houmous & Flatbread (GFA) (VG)

with toasted harissa chickpeas 


Mini Baked Camembert (GFA)

Ciabatta & caramelised onion jam


BBQ Pork Belly Bites (GF)

with spiced tomato sauce


Arancini Balls (GF) (VG)

with spiced tomato chutney


Mini Bacon Caesar Salad (VA) (GFA)



Whitebait (GF)

Homemade tartar sauce


Halloumi Sticks (GF) (V)

Sweet chilli jam


Thai Fried Chicken (GF

Sesame dressing & pickled slaw


Homemade Onion Bhaji (GF) (VG)

Citrus yoghurt & mango chutney


Mediterranean Platter (GFA)

Houmous, sun-blushed tomatoes, medley of roasted veg, olives, feta, fried halloumi & flatbread.  (VGA) – swap the halloumi for arancini & vegan feta

£17.00 / £23.00

Cowboy Chilli Nachos (GF)

Homemade cowboy chilli, house nachos, cheese, sour cream, salsa & guacamole

£10.50 / £17.00

Southern US Platter (GF)

Cheese & bacon burger sliders, buffalo chicken wings, onion rings, BBQ pork belly bites, mac & cheese, sweetcorn fritter, ranch & blue cheese dips


Veggie Around the World Platter (GFA) (VGA)

Halloumi & veg kebab in flatbread, buffalo cauliflower wings, sweet potato falafel, red onion houmous, onion bhajis, tempura veg, sweet chilli & ranch dips


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